Can you export / collect DHCP info?

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Can you export / collect DHCP info?

We are to the point where we have close to 60 separate locations and likely going to be picking up more. A lot of the locations have the MX handling DHCP. I was wondering if I would be able to export that DHCP information to some type of DHCP monitoring / inventory tool. Something where I could connect it to a collection of DHCP servers and MX devices and be able to see subnets in use, subnets almost extinguished, statics assigned, etc. That way we can keep a better idea of what suubnets are being used where, what subnets could be drawn back, which ones might need extended, etc. Is this something I can do with a MX? I know the information that can be pulled via SNMP is very low so I wasnt sure if this is even a capability for the MX to share its current DHCP info.

Aside from an excel spread sheet, what is everyone else using?

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Kind of a big deal

You can pull scope info via the VLANs API:


I don't know of any good way to pull lease info though.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I think @Nash has played with scripts that grab DHCP info.

Kind of a big deal

You can't pull active lease info.


You can't pull vlan info if vlans are not enabled. It's simple to check if vlans are enabled, and simple to enable them. Even if you only have a single vlan, imho, the benefit of manipulating vlan info via API is greater than the risk.


You can pull per-vlan per MX network if a dhcp server is active, scope, reservations, exclusions, lease time... Go here for complete list.


I've been using this heavily to build a report of management IP assignments on Meraki equipment per organization, specifically if they're static or DHCP, and if an MX on the same network has a lease. 600+ lines of code later...

@Nash, can you give me a steer on where to look for the per-vlan per MX network DHCP reservations?

I just don't see it.

My apologies. I don't see a way to cancel this, but I just found it.

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