Can we do PAT Pool for internet access ?

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Can we do PAT Pool for internet access ?

Now we change to fortinet 200E to MX250 for internet firewall in school. There are more 2000 students that use this firewall. We have only 1 public IP on MX . That i face the issue google search always show captcha on browser. i open case with meraki dashboard. the engineer tell us it's cause of malicious traffic from clients.but  i think it cause of it has many port with 1 public IP to access to google then google show captcha. Do mx have feature like PAT pool for use multiple public IP to access internet for large clients.



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@SSCTH unfortunately not, there is 1:1 mapping for IP addresses that are not the primary interface IP, but not interface PAT.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I think I would look at the root cause, malicious behaviour.  It's really hard to address in a school environment.  Perhaps impossible.


Have you got threat protection enabled and set to prefer security?  That should help stop students from launching attacks on outside parties. 


I assume you are using content filtering.  Make sure you also filter out things like:

Bot Nets


Malware Sites

Proxy avoidance and anonymizers

You'll want to filter other things being a school, but include those above as they are security-related.



The MX does have two WAN interfaces.  You could look at attaching an additional separate Internet connection to that and allowing the traffic to be load-balanced across the two connections.  Then you could use two public IP addresses.  Not a big improvement mind you.

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