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Can the MX support loop back?

Getting noticed

Can the MX support loop back?

Here is the scenario:


Owners have mobile APP to view cameras remotely. It is programmed as a public IP address. When outside the network it all works as intended. When they enter the network, I don't want the hassle of them having to change it to the LAN IP of the device since they are behind the firewall.


Is there anyway with Meraki so when owner is at the office they can still hit the WANIP&port and MX forwards it to the local DVR?


Thanks in advance gurus...

Getting noticed

Re: Can the MX support loop back?

Talked to support -- they said it's not possible. Since I have 8 WAN IPs available on WAN1, I am going to try and move DVR to IP #2.. My thought is if all clients going out IP 1, and DVR is NAT on IP2, maybe it will kick over internally.


Will let everyone know how it goes.

Head in the Cloud

Re: Can the MX support loop back?

Could be a nice use case to try and up-sell the customer some MV camera's. 


- No static settings needed on an APP, just tell them to download the Meraki app and they can access any camera in any location at any time.

- No need for a DVR, less hardware, less cost, less management. 


Just a few reasons to push the MV range 🙂

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