Can't connect Client VPN from iOS device

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Can't connect Client VPN from iOS device

Hi There,


I had previously had set up a VPN that was working perfectly until yesterday. I tried to log in and received an error message 'The L2TP-VPN server did not respond. Try Reconnecting. If the problem persists verify your settings and contact your admin..'


I have deleted the VPN and set up a new one with the original settings but same outcome.

Internet is a home based wifi which seems to be working fine.


Any help greatly appreciated.




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  • Any time i've had this issue it because the network connection of the device was not great. Perhaps try connecting when you're not on that wifi?
  • Have you got VPN setup on any other device? That'll help show if it the MX or the device itself. 


There are more drastic steps to take on the iOS device itself, but that would be next step

I'm having the same problem.


iOS 11.3.1. Deleted and re-created VPN and it doesn't connect. I CAN connect from my Mac just fine. The iOS device has WiFi disabled (as I'm testing from within the zone protected by the Meraki), so it is using the data connection to go out and back in.

Who are you carriers?  I have heard that TMobile went IPV6 only and that it's causing issues with Meraki....

T-Mobile. That's probably it.

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