Can an Organization have an administrator just for it?

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Can an Organization have an administrator just for it?

I understand the hierarchy of the Meraki Dashboard is Account/Organization/Network.  But i was told that the despite an account can oversee several Organizations there are no Administrators for individual Organization but the Administrator would be for all Organizations.


I ask this because when i try tu crear firewall rules with object groups I can not create them because I only have the role of Network Administrator or Operator.  If my Network is the only one in my Organization but I know that our Dashboard engolfes several orgnization the solution would be assign me the Organization Administrator Role only for the Organization my Network is.


Am I getting things wrong?


Thanks in advance

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Getting noticed

Each org can have administrators, as far as I know you can't create 1 account that automatically gets access to all orgs. My setup has 4 Orgs but only 2 people have access to all 4. We also have a few that only have access to 1 org with varying levels of access. So you can be setup to be an org admin for that 1 org, if your company/department allows it.

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