Can access via LAN / Can't access via WLAN

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Can access via LAN / Can't access via WLAN

Hi fellow Meraki users,

Just want to raise a concern here. Trying to figure out what is the problem on our setup.

When I try to access a certain page (via VPN connection), it won't load when I am connected wirelessly. But when I plugged in on my LAN port, the page is accessible.

To share some inputs, wireless and wired connections are on the same VLANs so it's weird that when I'm connected on the wireless, it won't work (Plus the fact that my connection's policy is whitelisted).

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Hi @CBMontesclaros,



Can you please elaborate more the setup. You mentioned that you are connected via VPN then also connected wirelessly. Wirelessly from where? Meraki Access point? You also mentioned that you plugged in on your LAN port. Where? Also on Meraki network?



Hi @Cmadiam82 !

So we use Meraki from MX Appliances, to MS Switches, to MR APs.

To access a certain web page, we need to connect to our VPN (not Meraki VPN). When I am connected wirelessly (and connected successfully to the VPN), I can ping the URL and the IP address of the web page but cannot access it on the browser.

When I connect via wired cable, ping test are successful and I can access the page.

Note that wireless and wired connection is on the same VLAN (so same gateway). So why am I having the issue when I am wirelessly connected?

So it sounds like this page requires your non-Meraki VPN to be connected, correct? If that is the case and the page is not part of your Meraki network it does not make a lot of sense.


Is the page you are trying to load part of the vpn tunnel and not a split tunnel exclusion?

Hi @CBMontesclaros,


I agree with @Aaron_Wilson.


When you try to ping are you pinging the IP Address or DNS Name?


Can you try to lookup the webpage you're trying to access while connected to the VPN both for Wifi and LAN?



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