Can I get some AD integration for dummies help?

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Can I get some AD integration for dummies help?

I'm following the document below and am already lost on the first step. It shoes an MX with 2 subnets. Do I need 2 subnets? My network subnet is so I have that in there, but is that all I need? Am I supposed to have multiple subnets?


The cert part will be a huge hurdle I'm sure as well.



Kind of a big deal

One subnet is fine.


It might be an idea to get a local Cisco Meraki engineer to help you with this one.  It is quite a bit to take on by yourself.


You can use the Cisco Partner Locator to find someone if you don't know anyone in your area.

I work in IT so it isnt a huge stretch for me to do this. I've just never done it.


I asked the people who sold me the device (and 4 others) for help and they dont know how to do it.

Hi @BrianChambers,


The KB you linked is actually a very good step-by-step guide to get you started!


@PhilipDAth is correct that you do not need multiple subnets for this to work, just as long as you have the matching subnets configured on the AD side.


For the certificate, we would recommend that you use a Certificate Authority (CA) signed certificate as it is more secure and is considered best practice. Self-signed certificate can also easily be configured via IIS if a CA signed certificate is not available.


I would also recommend reach out to Meraki Support (via Help > Get Help on dashboard) if you run into any specific issue or have specific question about the setup, they will be able to help you validate any configuration from the dashboard side.





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