Blocking of VPN Apps, Microsoft Store App

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Blocking of VPN Apps, Microsoft Store App

Hi Meraki Peeps!

I am having this issue right now on our network. So I created a Group policies for different departments that blocks Social Media on Layer 7 FW, and even added the blocking of social media sites on web/content filtering. However, users download VPN apps (through Microsoft Store app) which allows them to access social media sites.

Do you have recommendation how to block VPN connections or block the Microsoft app?

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Hi @BrechtSchamp 

I already tried doing some of the recommendations here (Content Filtering), but users were still able to connect to the sites I've block using Opera Browser (with Built In VPN).

I have no experience blocking opera's VPN however I found this:


It seems like blocking the following domains in url filtering should do the trick:

It may take a while before the current connections time out, so when testing, I'd flush the DNS cache on the PC and in Opera: browser://net-internals/#dns .

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