Block or rate limit for Android OS update


Block or rate limit for Android OS update


We have a mx84 as a firewall, for wifi we have another manufacturer APs. We would like to block or rate limit android OS updates of cell phones . For iOS updates I know that it is possible using the layer 7 firewall rule for url: and I was thinking doing the same for android: ; but I am not sure if that url it is correct for android OS update and besides that it will also block app, movie and books download(we dont want this last).


do you have any suggestion?

Thanks for your time!

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Block the category "Software & anti-virus updates".  For the sub-category choose "software updates".

i have switched on this "Software & anti-virus updates", but androids  still get their updates downloaded and installed.

How do i check if this layer 7 is working correctly ?

what does is scan for ? or how does it recognize app-updates ?

@harmka are you trying to block or rate limit Android updates?

I tried blocking app updates.
That doesn't work

I also tried rate limiting android app upgrades, also that did not seem to do any good.
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