Bittorent not getting blocked

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Bittorent not getting blocked

We have p2p blocked at layer 7 as well as in content filtering. But still users seem to be getting access to bittorent.

This is a remote site and ISP has sent us a few notices regarding illegal downloads.Firewall is MX100 - MX 13.33.

Response from Meraki support is that no all traffic might not be blocked and some might pass through. I can understand few packets passing through but someone able to download whole movies and still MX cannot identify and block it.

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I would recommend having the user/IT personnel test this at the location, and calling Support to troubleshoot on the call. They could take a look at the logs and where the destination traffic is heading to/from. Taking a closer look at their documentation, they put this disclaimer for all it's worth:


Note: File sharing programs, such as BitTorrent, are now able to be configured to encrypt traffic as secure HTTPS, potentially bypassing P2P traffic shaping rules that have been configured. Cisco Meraki MX Security Appliances and Wireless APs are capable of detecting some of the encrypted P2P traffic on the network. When encrypted P2P traffic is detected, it will be matched to any configured P2P traffic shaping rules, and honor the limitations that have been configured.  However if the traffic is encrypted, it may not be possible to accurately classify all of the offending traffic.



So i had this same issue where i blocked p2p on my wifi and it still went through, i have a Fortinet firewall and had to block it there via an application policy to kill all Torrent software

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