Best way to block a port into WAN for the whole organization

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Best way to block a port into WAN for the whole organization

Hi all,


im new to Meraki MX appliances and with the recent security vulnerability in Outlook CVE-2023-23397 I'm wondering what would be the best way to block SMB Port 445 into WAN for all networks / a whole organization.

It would seem quite tedious to do this on all individual appliances allow Class A / B /C networks and then deny all others.

Any advice on this? Im used to other firewalls having simply havin a WAN zone definition or being able to select the WAN interface as destination.


Regards, Holger

Kind of a big deal

Maybe something as simple as :

Deny RFC1918 SMB

Allow All SMB


Or vice versa depending on what you want to block

Comes here often

Yeah this vice versa would work, but still I have have to create two firewall-rules in 10 different networks in my case.

Yet I want to keep it simple. I'm used to Sophos and Fortigate Firewalls, with Sophos I could do this with one rule covering all networks, since I can do it based on zones.

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