BGP on Active/Active MX250


BGP on Active/Active MX250

Hi All,


This is my first post, hoping to explain well so that it's understandable. 


Does Meraki have any option/backend feature to control routes advertisement between two MX250's setup in Active/Active single arm concentrator mode?


We have a situation where we are experiencing a split/asymmetrical routing for locally connected subnet at DC 1 to reach an IP of other MX250 in DC 2.


We are advertising subnet a.b.c.d to MX250 and to ISP MPLS core via BGP in DC2 so other MX250 at  DC 1  is learning from core and also from iBGP  built between two MX250. Traffic going from AP(teleworker VPN) to primary MX250 at  DC 1 is going via MPLS and when it gets to MX250 at DC1, DC1 is seeing a shortest path through iBGP hence return traffic is coming via tunnel between two MX250's.


Hope this make sense 🙂


Hoping to resolve this piece of puzzle.





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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I assume your DCs are using some kind of layer 3 switch to do the core routing and that runs BGP to the MX's?  If so - that is where you need to attack this problem.  You need to configure the layer 3 switches to prefer MPLS routes over routes from the MX.

Hi Phillip,


Thank you for your reply.


Yes we have layer 3 stack at both DC's connecting to MX250. 


I can manipulate and route traffic to MX250 at DC2 rather than MPLS core but that is not preferred as traffic goes out to internet and comes back at DC1 in tunnel.


I would like to see if Meraki MX250 BGP can do same thing, which is prefer MPLS core rather than route learned from iBGP with other MX250.


Hope this makes sense.





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