Azure VWAN and Meraki (Whats the big deal)

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Azure VWAN and Meraki (Whats the big deal)

I am trying to understand what the Azure virtual WAN offers to customers. From what I understand the vWAN solution from Azure is an alternative to the Meraki VMX100 for connectivity to your IAAS resources.

Meraki Documentation -


From what I understand vWAN is a connectivity piece that simplifies vNET to vNET routing. (How was this done before vWAN?)


One negative thing that I have noticed is that you use the Meraki 3rd party VPN to connect into the VWAN which means that you are only using one VPN tunnel. When connecting to a VMX in Azure from a MX using SDWAN you can utilize both WAN links at the MX site.


This question comes from a lack of familiarity with Azure, is vWAN really such a big game changer? Was routing between Vnets really that difficult prior to vWAN.


Does vWAN offer anything else I am missing?



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