Are there resources to help convert the config from a 1921 to a new MX100?

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Are there resources to help convert the config from a 1921 to a new MX100?

I am staring at this 1921 configuration trying to figure out how to mirror it on a new MX100. Admittedly, I am a novice with all of this, and am in over my head. 


Does anyone have suggestions on how to best navigate this migration?

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Hi! I´d like to know what kind of configs do you have? Bc with MX you´ll have a little bit limitations than other cisco routers. For sample NAT between VLANs 

I have access to the 1921, so I can get a copy of anything that is needed. Right now I am looking at the running config. 

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Just try to gather what is the role of this router in your network. And what configs do u have to compare the MX´s capabilities,
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Okay, so you have a 1921. What role was it playing for you? Is it your immediate 'edge device' - connects to your ISP's equipment?


What device is in between that 1921 and the rest of your network? This may change our advice.


The first things I'd look at:


1. NAT statements

2. Port forwarding

3. Access-control lists

4. Subnets in use

5. VLANs if applicable.

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1921 is the edge. 

Inside there are Cisco Switches (3560's and 2960's)


I wish I could just post the whole config here, but that's not a good idea. 


Many NAT Statements

Don't see any port forwarding

Several ACLs

Subnets and VLANs


Not a simple config by any means.


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And the NAT how is it? Is it an outside NAT to you WAN role ports?

ip nat inside source static tcp x.x.x.x 25 interface GigabitEthernet0/1 25


Lots of those...

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If this nat is from LAN to WAN it´s possible, actually it´s a Port forwarding NAT a MX would perform this without any problem!

Ok, good. I think I can figure that out. 


How about this. Setting up the VLANs I see... would the subnet for this be and the mx ip be


interface Vlan25
description Production$FW_INSIDE$
ip address
ip access-group inside-out in
ip flow ingress
ip nat inside
ip virtual-reassembly in
zone-member security in-zone
ip policy route-map web-traffic



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It appears to work fine with an MX.
Just the routemap you cannot configure an explicit route map.

No way to do object-group network?\


object-group network AB07-RDP

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Currently not, Objects are (still) in Beta right now.

How about "ip nat inside source route-map"



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I think it would be best to use the Cisco partner locator and find someone near you to do this conversion. 

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