Application of a Data Cap on Meraki MX link or MG

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Application of a Data Cap on Meraki MX link or MG



Is there a way to apply a data cap on one of the WAN links on a Meraki MX or MG.

Basically we are proposing a SD-WAN solution, which will use a broadband primary circuit and a 4G Secondary, via a MG (might have to use the customers existing gateway).


On a normal day it is expected that both links will used to carry traffic. However the 4G link has a monthly allowance, that based on analysis of use, shouldn't be exceeded.


Is there a way of either monitoring and alerting on the usage of the 4G link, at say 80% or applying a cap an alerting?


I can't see it on the dashboard for the MX and don't have visibility of an MG to check.


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There's no way to do this natively within the Dashboard, that I'm aware of.   You would be able to monitor cellular usage, however, via the API - you could then trigger additional API-based controls, once usage reaches your preferred threshold(s):!get-network-appliance-uplinks-usage-history


Perhaps by progressively stepping up cellular firewall rules, as the limit approaches - maybe ultimately allowing only the most critical / bandwidth thrifty applications?!update-network-appliance-firewall-cellular-firewall-rule...


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