Anyconnect on MX64 support

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Anyconnect on MX64 support

Does anyone know when support for Cisco AnyConnect client VPN will be released on MX64?

Kind of a big deal

I haven't seen or heard anything - but if you check the release notes you'll see nearly every version of 16.x has an AnyConnect update.  So it is getting a lot of attention.

Kind of a big deal

I assume if you "just try it" you don't get the option to enable AnyConnect?

Right, the option doesn’t even exist. 

Getting noticed

If you install 16.x it will work, the problem is that right now, 16.10 still has the broken certificate error, so you'd have to contact support to get 16.8 (which works properly). 


I have an MX64 at home that AnyConnect can be enabled on (but I don't use it). 

@OVERKILL , I was looking for an Any Connect option under ClientVPN on the MX64.  Is that not the right thing?

Firmware version 16.9

Once you've installed a 16.x release and the unit has restarted, you should see AnyConnect as a heading under the Client VPN section:


Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 10.09.37 AM.png

Right, that's what I was expecting.  It just isn't there on MX64.  You see it on yours on an MX64 running 16.9?




That shot is from this MX64 with Advanced Security running 16.9:

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 10.17.54 AM.png

Weird.  Also running Advanced Security here.  I'm confused.  Seems like we have an identical setup, yet you have AnyConnect, and I do not.



Yes, that is quite bizarre. This unit was also never enrolled in the closed beta either... Only thing I can think is that this has been on 16.x for quite a while, have you only just started running 16.x? 

Yes, just upgraded last week.  Thanks for comparing with me!  Not sure what's up.

You are quite welcome. 


May be worth reaching out to support to see what's going on, perhaps the certificate issue isn't the only thing messed up with AnyConnect in 16.9 and 16.10. 

Did you ever get this resolved?

Same situation, running 16.13 on our MX64 w. "Advanced Security": no option for "AnyConnect".


Recently applied 16.13 (just yesterday) but have restarted the MX. Feels weird it ("AnyConnect") should just be there after X amount of days w. beta firmware?

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