AnyConnect server on WAN 2 only?

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AnyConnect server on WAN 2 only?

We have an existing port forwarding for 443 and would like to keep this default port for the AnyConnect setup.


Is it possible to let the AnyConnect server listen on WAN 2 only? The incoming port forward of 443 is already limited to WAN 1 and should not be conflicting with WAN 2.






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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

No, The AnyConnect service always run on the primary active WAN connection. You could:

  • use WAN2 for your actual forwarding (only a litte change on the MX and probably an adjustment of DNS) and WAN 1 for AnyConnect
  • or set WAN2 as primary and use flow preferences to steer traffic to WAN1
  • or ask your WAN1-ISP for additional IPs and reconfigure the MX IP to something new and configure the forwarding for the old IP
  • or use a different AnyConnect port

Hi Karsten,


I use your first scenario now but the AnyConnect still says the port 443 is in use.


The port forwarding is set exclusive on Internet 2 (WAN 2) with a different fixed WAN IP and adapted DNS records. This forwarding is working fine on the WAN 2.

The AnyConnect setup wizard should detect that the WAN1 does NOt have any port forwarding going on on 443, but it does not...

Just thought again about this. Yes, The MX wants to have control of this port on both WANs because it wants to move the service to the other WAN on a WAN failure. So there is probably only the third and forth option available.

Tried to reverse the setup, disabled the forwarding, setup the AnyConnect, and then re-enabled the forwarding on Internet2 again, but it gets refused as well in that order...


Shame the AnyConnect UI does not have the WAN interface option like the Forwarding does!



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Right Crap well that is not idea, I can't use 443 for any other services.

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