AnyConnect profile update - No Profile Found

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AnyConnect profile update - No Profile Found

When I upload a profile in the Profile Update section of the AnyConnect settings page, any profile I upload (created with the AnyConnect VPN Profile Editor) shows "(No Profile Found)". After spending some time trying to figure out what was wrong with my profile, I decided to try connecting and the profile was actually pushed and seemed to work.


Am I safe to assume this is just a bug in the dashboard user interface? 

Kind of a big deal

I think it says that everytme you go back to the page.  It only shows something immediately after upload.


Also note it always appends .XML to the profile name when Anyconnect connects, so if you are overwriting a manually installed profile you'll need to upload it with no extension. Otherwise, it'll install is as <name>.xml.xml.

I was seeing Profile Not Found immediately after upload and after refreshing the page. Checked again today after the dashboard maintenance and looks like its fixed now.


Thanks for the clarification on the .XML extension, that confused me when I was checking the local Profile folder on my computer to see if the profile actually got pushed.

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