AnyConnect keeps popping up even when not accessing VPN

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AnyConnect keeps popping up even when not accessing VPN

I am using the latest posted 4.10.05085 AnyConnect client to connect to my MX-84 units.  Occasionally the AnyConnect client will pop-up on its own.  I have to verified the reason, but it may happen when it sense some sort of connectivity change.  This occurs whether or not the client is trying to get on the VPN and even when they are in the office.  Maybe a few times a week.


I have two questions related to this.  First, is there a way to stop this from automatically popping up?


Second, question is just me being very picky.  I have used the AnyConnect many times over the years and I only seem to recall the AnyConnect GUI appearing in the lower right corner of the screen.  Now it pops up in some random spot on the screen. Is there a setting for keeping down in the corner?      

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I have had others report this behaviour to me.  I haven't personally experienced it.


I wonder if we forcibly disable auto-reconnect in the profile if it will stop it from happening.

Getting noticed



Ran across your question and figured I'd mention we found a fix for our Meraki/Cisco AnyConnect flapping issues.


Anyone using the Meraki Cisco AnyConnect issue where it bounces a few times after initially connecting should ask Meraki support to review the VPN Client MTU's. We had them adjust the MTU's for this and no further issues with users now either. Due note, this was with our vMX VPN client in Azure that had this issue since the on-prem MX's were fine.


Hope this helps....Cheers!

Comes here often

Did you ever get to a solution on this one?  We are also running 4.10.05085 and this same symptom is happening.  

Still no resolution.  However I have linked it to computers that are having issues where a device randomly disconnects and reconnects.


I and users have heard Windows make the device disconnect sound and then immediately make the reconnect sound around the time the AnyConnect window pops up. Most of the time it is the Realtek NIC that flakes out for a second several times a day.  This is very painful because we use several programs that have SQL back ends and they can't handle the random temporary disconnects without bumping the user out of the application.


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