AnyConnect + Okta SAML - AnyConnect Browser Hanging/Freezing

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AnyConnect + Okta SAML - AnyConnect Browser Hanging/Freezing



We're using Okta with SAML to authenticate our users into our Meraki VPN through the Cisco AnyConnect client. We followed the configuration guidelines here.


Our user base consists of a combination of Mac's (Monterey 12.5+), Windows (10+), and Linux (Ubuntu 20.04+) machines.


When users try to connect to the VPN, an AnyConnect browser window pops up and directs them to enter their Okta credentials (screenshot 1 below). After they enter their password, they receive a 2FA prompt via Okta Verify on their registered device (screenshot 2 below). After they finish this step, they successfully connect to the VPN.


Some users, however, are having the AnyConnect browser window freeze after they do the 2FA challenge (screenshot 3). Although the logs in Okta show that they are successfully authenticating, they still cannot get on the VPN until they get past this step.


This used to happen less frequently but seems to be occurring more consistently for some users. Some attempted fix actions:


  • Restarting the machine
  • Reinstalling/updating Cisco AnyConnect
  • Restarting the MX-105 HA pair


Any ideas would be appreciated here. Thanks!



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