Allow SHA256 for Authentication IPSEC Peers Non-Meraki

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Allow SHA256 for Authentication IPSEC Peers Non-Meraki

Hi good day? I hope you are doing well, I am writing to you because we need to be able to activate SHA256 for the Authentication phase for our IPSEC VPN tunnels with third parties, this is because we have banking entities that do or do not need this protocol. I understand that they have not yet developed it by the dashboard, but I also understand that below it is a cisco and this is a very standard feature of any appliance or VPN software. From already thank you very much

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I know some features are hidden until opened by Meraki support. If the feature is supported at all you should try there.

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Meraki Employee






I call the TAC and they said to me , that this dont work yet.


Do you have some way to facilities us to allow SHA256 in our tunnel? 

Thanks a lot , if we can't do this the Meraki Solution don't work for us.

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Sha256 is not currently supported by meraki MX firewalls (not even closed beta).

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