Advanced Security license for MXs query.

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Advanced Security license for MXs query.

AFAIK for the MXs, we need to either buy an Enterprise License or an Advanced security License. My understanding is that these are two tiers are not to be looked at as a base and an add-on license. However, when navigating through the Product catalog on the Meraki i noticed that when we select the Advanced security License and click get estimate it does not take you to the next page as it says "Enterprise License is required". I am adding the screenshot for the same. 


My question is here is, is this just a bug in the tool or do we really need an additional enterprise license for MXs even when we opt for the Advanced Security License? 


Thank you! 


Product catalog errorProduct catalog error

Kind of a big deal

That does seem wrong. I had not noticed that tool before, but you are right it does not let me configure it correctly either.  I am a reseller if you want to message me I can help you directly with pricing. I suggest MX85 over MX84 too. 

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As far as I'm aware;

The licensing structure for MX appliances is the same as that of any other Meraki device – 1:1 ratio of devices to licenses. Pair your chosen MX appliance(s) with the relevant license for your use case

Enterprise license


Advanced security license


Secure SD-WAN Plus license

More information on MX Licensing and features can be found here.

ENT is normally the base license. If you want Advanced Security or Secure SD-WAN Plus licensed features over the standard features then you would ONLY purchase this SKU.

Not sure why the estimate calculator is showing this.. 

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@anky_sa ... wait you DON'T want to purchase EXTRA things you won't use nor need!??! 😉 😉


The previous posts are spot on! You do NOT need Enterprise if purchasing Advanced Security.


In the mean time, we're looking into the webpage/tool in the background!!!


Thanks for bring this to our attention!

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