Advanced Security License, Client VPN and Azure

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Advanced Security License, Client VPN and Azure

We have been Advanced Security licensed for years and it's been good/great to us. We also use the Client VPN with Windows and been playing with AnyConnect as well. I was wondering about your opinion regarding the Advanced Security license and me thinking about routing my users through Azure point to site VPN instead of routing them back to my HQ though my MX250. I understand I will lose the ability of having their VPN traffic being "cleaned up" by the MX250 and the Advanced Security license while they WFH. I was thinking stability, better performance and Azure infrastructure in general would be better than my HQ and a single MX250 to handle my VPN users. Just thinking it would be a waste to not rely on the Advanced Security license and a lot riskier for my users and our business based on their traffic habits. We do have EDR loaded on clients. 

Kind of a big deal

This could be a use case for Cisco Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway or Cisco+ Secure Connect.

Kind of a big deal

Azure by default does not allow traffic coming in via VPN to go our their Internet.

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