Adding new MX84 to replace old MX80 then renewing all other device licenses best method

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Adding new MX84 to replace old MX80 then renewing all other device licenses best method

I want to know the best method for adding a new MX84 with its new license and then also renewing all other devices. I want to make sure the old MX80 is out of the picture so it doesn't get the new MX84 license.


Thank you for your help.

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Kind of a big deal

If you’ve already purchased the MX84 and license you should be able to add it to your network. It’ll take the place of your MX80 just remember to setup your static IP information on the MX84 before connecting it. Everything else should migrate. Regarding removing the MX80 license. Did that device still have much license left? Are you not going to use it anywhere else? If not I’d think support could help remove it if you just want things to be cleaned up.
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I am developing my plan here is my idea
1. Remove my old MX80 from my network
2. Claim my new MX84 with its new device license
3. Add the MX84 to my network then configure the WAN port.
4. Now the new MX84 should copy the old MX80's configuration.
5. Once it is up and running, claim my license renewals
6. Hopefully network is now happy again.
If anyone has a better plan, please let me know. Thanks

You could add the 84 to the same network as a warm spare, that way it would download the current config. Move the connections to the 84 and once online, delete the 80 from the network.
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Go with the plan you have supplied.  Don't use the warm spare approach (nothing to be gained).

It might be a good idea to reach out to support at +1 (415) 937-6671.  You'll usually get someone on the line right away.  They'll be able to provide you with the best option to apply your license and make sure your co-termination date is correct.

I figured I would give an update on how this upgrade and renewal. It was actually very easy. The license renewal for everything was a single dashboard key. I chose renewal from the drop down and enter the key. It showed all of my devices and included the new MX84. Here is the process I used.


1. Turned off old MX80

2. Removed MX80 from network

3. Used the dashboard renewal license and added it to my network.

4. Claimed the new MX84 and added to my network.

5. Plugged in the new MX84 and had to configure the WAN port for PPPOE I just used the management port and went to http:\\

6. Once that information was in the MX84 went online downloaded some firmware rebooted and started working.

7. All I had to do was configure the LAN ports on the MX84. There are a lot more ports than the MX80 had. I even used the sfp port to directly connect our other site. Now both sites have direct connections to the MX84.

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