Activating BGP to peer with a third party data centre

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Activating BGP to peer with a third party data centre

Hi all,


We're getting closer to what I hope will be a relatively simple task but I'm way out of my depth here so thought I would ask if the community has any advice on the subject.


Essentially, we have an existing SD-WAN covering around 30 sites in Europe. The rest of our global organisation are using other technologies for regional connectivity and our top level idea is we deploy one (probably an HS pair) of our Meraki organisation MX's into each of the other regions, and have them peer locally using BGP to share routing between their local region and our MX so we have dynamic routing across the regions.


The Meraki documentation is reasonably good but I've logged a support ticket to ask a few extra questions, mainly around timescales for activation and what interruption (if any) we are likely to see to our existing SD-WAN when we ask the support team to activate BGP.


Does anyone have any experience of setting up BGP and if so any pitfalls we should look out for?

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You will need to be on 15.x in order to get BGP. From memory this will automatically be configurable once the network is running on 15.x and doesn't require support to enable it any longer.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Pugmiester I think @m841 is correct, we are running 15.41 and on a VPN concentrator we can simply choose to enable BGP and see the following settings (to be edited to match what you need):



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