Access a URL through the Site via Site to Site VPN

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Access a URL through the Site via Site to Site VPN



Is there a way for me to redirect the accessed URL from my local network and redirect it to my other VPN Site which is in another location. It is blocked on my IP but not on the other Site.


I am using an MX-100 and the other Site is an MX-64.


Thank you for all your recommendations. 

Kind of a big deal

There are some ways to control that with the help of Meraki VPN (like default route through tunnel or local Application Breakout with the SD-WAN license). But I would not increase the complexity of the network with this. Setup a Proxy-server on the main site, tell your clients to use this proxy for selected URLs and you are done.

Kind of a big deal

The easiest option is to redirect all your traffic.  Just tick the "default route" option and make it a full tunnel. 

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