About URL Filtering

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About URL Filtering

Hi Everyone 

I have a URL Filtering question want to ask everyone, 


question describes:

I use blacklist filtering all domain name use *. whitelist I permit www.baidu.com,

When I test blacklist all domain name have a match, but When I access www.baidu.com also Deny, 

I don't know why I can't access www.baidu.com of whitelist,

I'm in China, the Baibu.com china search likes google.com search, we want open the Baidu.com, but cannot by Baidu.com access another site.


please see below 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

There are a lot of improvements in 14.x of the code around this.   So you could try that if you don't make any progress. 


It can take a couple of minutes before the rules get installed,  and then it only affects new connections through the MX.   It is common to have to wait 10 minutes from saving the config till it takes affect. 

Getting noticed


Please, try to include the URL without the "www" (just baidu.com). You also could try to include a wildcard character in the end of the URL (baidu.com* or only baidu.*)


PS.: As the other colleague said above, you need to wait about 10 minutes to the change take effect. Or, if you are in a lab environment, you can restart the appliance.


Hi  I have tested,  but I still cannot access whitelist, I still can't access baidu.com, did you have other solutions?

Could you post a screenshot of your settings.

Please see attendURL2.jpgURL.jpg

I used Chrome developer tools, and this site also needs this domain:



Another one of the pages also needed:


Sorry, Can you say details? I don't understand. I want use whitelist to allow baidu.com can access.I use blacklist to deny all domain name.

But I think the whitelist without effect when I open baidu.com, I can't open it, I want open it use the whitelist.

While you might type baidu.com into your browser, the site itself uses several other URLs to load.  You need to whitelist all the of the domains it uses to load a page.


when I open baidu.com, it does not skip another url, It's will direct open the baidu.com in China,


I think other URL also can skip to baidu.com, maybe some country cannot directly use baidu.com open the index, so we need other URL skips to baidu.com


For example, you can use bdstatic.com and bdimg.com skip to baidu.com

but we access baidu  directly use baidu.com, not use bdimg.com and bdstatic.com


Now,I use blacklist deny all domain name, then I use whitelist allow baidu.com,

In normal situation, I can‘t open all domain name,  but I can use baidu.com to open the index page, but now I can't.

I can't use baidu.com open the index page, I don't know why?

I think I add  bdstatic.com and  bdimg.com domain name to whitelist, also same. I still can't use baidu.com open the index page, we use baidu.com to open the index page , we don't use  bdstatic.com and bdimg.com to open it. When I allow baidu.com can access, I hope can use baidu.com to open the index page, I hope you can understand,  Thanks.

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