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AWS Direct Connect + Meraki BGP

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AWS Direct Connect + Meraki BGP



Our ISP has recently provided us with a L2 AWS Direct Connect connection. We are required to configure the BGP side of things to get this link operational.


Is the BETA BGP Meraki implementation stable?

Has anyone configured a AWS Direct Connect connection using their Meraki? Was it fairly straight forward?


Cheers, M

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Re: AWS Direct Connect + Meraki BGP

Curious: What size of AWS DX are you doing? 

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Re: AWS Direct Connect + Meraki BGP

@Welles - Just a 100MB

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Re: AWS Direct Connect + Meraki BGP

Further to my original question - If I was to have 2 WAN interfaces will this be configured for:

1. Both interfaces?

2. WAN 1?

3. Select which interface you want?



Re: AWS Direct Connect + Meraki BGP


We have recently install or added a vMX100 to our AWS VPC. It was straightforward as long as you remember to use the token within 1 hour 🙂 "Read the documentation if you don't know better" :-).

There are some limitation on what you can do but it was not a showstopper in our case.


I have only hear rumours regarding Meraki will start supporting BGP features . That will be great since that will mean we can get a fully HA setup towards AWS instead of this single point of failure. So good look.


Best Regard


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