AD Sync Failures

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AD Sync Failures

We are running Azure AD Connect to sync our on-prem AD to Azure. Recently, the sync service has started to fail, occasionally, with one of the following two error statuses:


Stopped-Extension-DLL-Exception or no-start-ma


The URL used for syncing is After some investigating, we found that Microsoft is redirecting this URL to other countries that we have in the Geo Location Block setting. Adding the URL to the whitelist did not resolve the issue. Is anyone experiencing this issue and is there a workaround?

Kind of a big deal

It seems like Geo Blocking still can't be overriden by Allow lists:

Block Listing and Allow Listing Clients - Cisco Meraki

Kind of a big deal

What an interesting choice you have.  Your service provider (Microsoft) is providing services to you out of a country you don't want anything to do with.


I only see two choices.

  • Stop using the Microsoft service
  • Remove the geo-block.
Kind of a big deal

+1 for removing Geo Blocking! 😇 There may be realistic use cases for it, I've never seen one though in our nowadays cloud-centric world. 😉

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