[ 2 × MX100 have issue after upgrade 17.9 ]

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[ 2 × MX100 have issue after upgrade 17.9 ]



This morning I receive 2 separate phone-calls from my customer. Their MX100s are down after upgrade the firmware 17.9

Some information in below:

- MX100 cannot get online on Dashboard with known-working DHCP

- I cannot get DHCP when plugged laptop into MX100 LAN Port

- Can not access to the Local Page via both Management Port and LAN Port.

- Try to performce factory reset but it doesn't work.


Need your help if there is a way to fix the issue.

Or I have to ask for a RMA

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

First, start by logging a Meraki support case ASAP.


Not being able to get to the local status page is a real concern.  What colour is the LED?  Does a machine get an IP address when connected on the management port?


I will create the case with Meraki Support


The colour of the LED is Red >> Rainbow >> Red >> Rainbow >> Red

The laptop cannot get IP Address when I connect it to the Management Port. The same with the MX100 LAN Port


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What did you upgrade them from?  Not that it helps you, but we have 3x MX100 HA pairs running 17.9 so it can work...  Ours were on 17.8 before. 




The 2 MX100 is upgraded from 17.8. 

Both devices upgraded and had problems immediately after.

So I want to see if there are any similar cases like mine.


I just had a similar issue with an MX95 where Internet 2 interface failed to detect a cable connected following upgrade from 17.8 to 17.9. Troubleshooting with Cisco Meraki support for an hour and found changing the link negotiation from Auto to 1gb full would bring the interface up, however it then caused Internet 1 interface to fail.


Not sure if this information might be helpful to others but it appears to be some type of bug with the link speed negotiation.

Thanks for your information.

it's so precious. I'll probably have to notify customers using Meraki MX to suspend upgrading to 17.9

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