15.x is GA!

Kind of a big deal

15.x is GA!

I don't know when this sneaked through, but 15.x has made it into general availability as a beta!


I've been looking forward to this, as it signifies the release of a whole bunch of new features in the future.



Meraki Employee

Yes, but I'll just clarify it's not the newest stable firmware, that's still 13.36 for now and soon to be 14.39 I'm hoping.  Don't mean to split hairs, but I know a lot of folks use the terms "GA" and "Stable" interchangeably, so just wanted clarify 15.12 is the latest MX beta.  Thanks @PhilipDAth for the heads up to the Community!  Happy testing!


You're clearly living under the Cisco live rock @PhilipDAth :



Just kidding ;).

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