What is the Per-Port power output of the Meraki Go GS110-8P Switch?

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What is the Per-Port power output of the Meraki Go GS110-8P Switch?

The data-sheet for Meraki Go GS110 specify that:


Available PoE / PoE+ Power

  • GS110-8P
    • 67W


However, it is unclear what the actual power output per port is. Is the 67W on per-port basis (or shared among the 8 ports)? Need to find out if those individual point has enough power to drive my Netgear WAX630E WiFi 6E Access Point require a switch equipped with 802.3bt port to run.


Does any owner here can help clarify?


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That switch is a POE+ switch which mates it AT/AF. Meraki Go doesn't offer a BT switch. The max supported ratting for AT is 30watts, this may not work for the AP you want to connect. On a side note DANG that is a lot of power for an AP..... I had two APs that required BT power, but those APs supported up to 1500 clients and had three radios. 

In that case, not sure why Meraki Go label their BS110 switch as being 67W. Any idea?

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POE switches are rated on their overall power budget, this is not a Meraki only practice. What you have to look for are description like POE, POE+, POE++, AT, AT/AF, AF/AF/BT. 

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I had no luck getting them to power my meraki go APs.  not even 1 AP.





@speakerfritz That is very interesting. Just out of curiosity what is the POE setting set to on your switch?


Hardware / GS110-8P / See All Ports / "Port" / Settings / Advance Setting


For me it is set to "on" and POE is pouring my APs and a POE phone without any issues.

Thanks for sharing the info. I will try the Netgear MS510TXUP but I know it will not be controllable in Meraki Go app

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