What does end of life mean - Meraki go switches

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What does end of life mean - Meraki go switches

So the Meraki go switch that I bought 6 months ago is going to be end of life in 2025…..what does that mean?


it’s going to shut down


it’s going to work, but no updates


its going to get kicked out of Meraki go cloud management


reason I ask….i had a Norton core security router that went end of life 8 months after I bought it.  Norton said they were going to shut them down…so they would be bricks.  They emailed everyone who bought one and sent them a 200 dollar gift card so they could by something else.



anyone know what’s going to happen?



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I hope this helps:


• End-of-Sales Announcement (this document): Date of official end-of-sales
notice, typically six months prior to the last order date.
• End-of-Sales Date (EOS): The last date to order the product through
Cisco Meraki point-of-sales outlets. After this date, the product is no
longer for sale via any channel.
• End-of-Support Date (EOST): The last date a product will be affirmatively
supported by Cisco Meraki, typically two (2) years following the EOS Date.
End-of-Sale Milestones
• End-of-Sales Announcement: February 24, 2023
• End-of-Sales Date: June 1, 2023
• End-of-Support Date: August 24, 2025