Waiting over a month for support

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Waiting over a month for support

Hi all,


Back in June I lost access to my authenticator app.  My fault, but it was used to access my Meraki-Go account.  I've been waiting over a month for someone to answer my "Contact Us" form and email to help@maraki-go.com.  Is Cisco disbanding the Meraki-Go group?  Is there anyone actually supporting the product for Cisco anymore?  With my support experience and the lack of new products seems like this product is dead.


- Is there a phone number we can call for support?

- Anyone want some used Meraki-Go gear?

Meraki Go Team
Meraki Go Team

Hi @stevec101 ,


Our sincere apologies for the delay resolving this matter for you. Please check your e-mail to see if appropriate next steps have been issued, and if not please bump your previous e-mail so we can be sure to address the matter promptly.


Thank you for your patience, I understand this is not an ideal situation. We're working to improve this particular resolution path to involve less manual intervention.

I did get and email and responded with the information that was requested.  I’m still waiting for a follow-up.  What’s going on with the product?  I was beginning to look into alternatives and found just about everyone else, including Aruba Instant-On, supports Wifi6.  I had to discontinue the Meraki-Go firewall because it couldn’t handle my internet connection speed.  Are we going to see any new products soon?

You should be all sorted out now @stevec101, again we sincerely apologize for the situation.


As far as hardware goes we realize there is a need for it and there is definitely ongoing talks about what our next generation of hardware will look like. However there is no time table I can provide today.