WAP GR10 still restarts

Comes here often

WAP GR10 still restarts


my WifiAP GR10 restars every ~5 minutes. Wifi for a few minutes works.

I tryed factory reset, but no success.

Thank you for any advice.


Meraki Go Team

Hi @Marian2020 


That should not happen unless the unit itself has gone bad, the power cable/coord is going out, or the power from the source is faulty in some way.


I recommend trying to plug any other electrical equipment on the same outlet as a test to make sure the input power is working as expected.

If you are using PoE, try using another port or even better the D/C adapter for power instead.


Sometimes LED changes look like a reboot. Did you notice anything else that helps you be confident that the device is actually restarting?

Thank you,
when problem started the WAP was connected to GX20 PoE port - port 5. After that I used included PSU and I changed Data Cable and I use different GX20 port.

When LED blinks the Wifi connection for devices is lost too.

These are helpful details @Marian2020 


When these problems are happening to the WAP, are you able to connect a wired device like a laptop into the GX and see if it has problems at the same time?


This helps determine if it is the GX or internet facing problems, are the WAP itself.

I have no problem with other devices connected via wire. Actually, now I use other WAP because of problems with Meraki One one.

I'm sorry to hear that. For what it is worth, the information provided does lead us to some final clues @Marian2020.


You have known working wired ports. Does the WAP still face problems if you use a known working wired port (swap the laptop's working connection by disconnecting it and plugging in the WAP on the same port)?


If the problem persists after this, replacing the cable with a known working cable is the next step.


Finally, if all the above steps do not achieve success, you may have a faulty or damaged unit.