Very dim front LED on GX20 gateway

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Very dim front LED on GX20 gateway

Can the brightness of the front LED on the GX20 be changed?


When booting the brightness is normal when the LED colour is orange or when cycling through the multicolours. However, when it turns white it is extremely dim, so dim in fact that during the daytime it looks like the LED is unlit.


I don't know if I changed a setting in the past, but I cannot find that setting now.


I have already tried a factory reset. Does anyone know how to resolve this?

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Hello @RAV1 


From what I see you can't change LED settings on the GX20. The only thing you can do with the LED, is have them blinking.


Useful if you want to identify a device but kinda distracting when at work and not on a dancefloor 🕺

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Thanks for your reply. Perhaps it's because this GX20 was a demo unit. I had problems with the post speeds being just 10mbps when I first set it up a couple of years ago. Cisco would not repair/replace it as it was a demo unit, so I bought another GX20 which I later replaced with a GX50. So this GX20 has been gathering dust for a while, but I recently set it up at my apartment in Jakarta. Surprisingly, it's now working perfectly apart from this small issue. It will soon go into the roofspace, so the LED issue will be irrelevent.

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Hey @RAV1,


I was working on my lab rack last night when I noticed something similar on one of my GX20s.

There is a small chance this is firmware related. I'll do some testing and see if I can get the brightness up on my LED in the lab and report back here. I don't believe we'll be able to do much, but if we can we'll issue a fix.

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So I'm not alone 😄


My LED is at normal brightness during the orange and multicolour phases.


I'm sure it was working fine when I first started using the gateway a couple of years ago. I'm on firmware 17.10.2 if that helps.