Usage Limits?

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Usage Limits?

So whenever I seem to apply a usage limit to the application catagory specifically video YouTube doesn’t take to the set limit I have tested this across multiple devices and across Wi-Fi and Ethernet same thing doesn’t take to the limit if anyone else can confirm that this happens to them please let me know

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So you want service type QOS or limiting? If so M-Go doesn't support that currently. 

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You understand this content and set it up, but it's not working properly?

Meraki Go - Usage Limits - Cisco Meraki

Meraki Go WiFi Access Point Features - Cisco Meraki


If it is within the warranty period, I recommend contacting support and following the instructions to see if it can be improved.

Meraki Go - Support - Cisco Meraki


In the case of HW failure within the warranty period, the reseller should respond to replacement. Please see “RETURNS AND WARRANTIES” below.

Terms & Policies | Meraki Go : Meraki Go (

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