Umbrella in Go vs Umbrella Direct

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Umbrella in Go vs Umbrella Direct

We are long time users of Umbrella. We deploy roaming clients and VAs, integrate with the MX line, etc. 


I'm curious what's the best way to go about using Umbrella with the Go line. If we are paying for Umbrella Insights and adding a network with the public IP and sending traffic to OpenDNS in Go, is there any advantage of the security subscription?


Does the security subscription now do DNS inspection/redirection so someone using another server will get Umbrella protection, like it does in MX? I don't see any way to block DNS traffic to non-OpenDNS servers in GX, but maybe I'm just missing it.


Conversely, for sub-20 seat clients, should we consider forgoing Umbrella roaming clients, etc, and consider relying only on the Go Security subscription?

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Meraki Go Team
Meraki Go Team

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This thread may be helpful, particularly the last post around the optional LIC-GX-UMB SKU.


Something to note, while this is a custom integration with Cisco Umbrella, if you're a full Umbrella user you will notice differences between the Go integration and a full Umbrella deployment. We utilize Umbrella to execute a number of security functions on the Meraki Go GX such as content filtering, anti-malware, anti-phishing, and more. 


GXvsUMB.pngUMB Screenshot.PNG


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