Switching from GX20 to GX50 - Procedure?

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Switching from GX20 to GX50 - Procedure?

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I'm planing to Switch from a GX20 to a GX50. What would be the exact procedure on how to do it? Just remove the GX20 from the app and install the the GX50?


I'm also using currently 1x 8 Port Switch and 1x Access Point in my Meraki Go Setup.



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Meraki Go Team
Meraki Go Team

Hi Marc,


Did you solve this already?


If not, you can add the GX50 by scanning its QR code and you will be prompted to either add the GX50 or replace the GX20 in your site.


Once you have replaced the GX20 in the app, you can disconnect the GX20 and install the GX50.





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I am also looking for help on this topic. I have a currently operating GX20 and would like to minimize downtime during the cutover. When I scan the GX50 barcode I am prompted with the message:


"New GX Scanned - You already have a GX at this site. In order to claim a new one, you'll have to remove the current one from this site."

Options: -Remove Firewall- or -Cancel Claim-


Is there a way to replace the old firewall and have the new one inherit the profile and configuration, or will all VLANs, rules and settings need to be configured anew?