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Static setting


I think I'm in the right place. Still trying to setup the Meraki GX50. I'm just trying to do some basic setup. I need to change the static IP from 128.0 to 1.0. And I'd like to assign a static WAN. Very basic functions but not easy to find at all. I'm not to sure if I like this "cloud" base type stuff with this. Also, as I was getting one router setup it dropped the Internet connection 3 times. I put the old router back in place (RV134)and it hasn't gone down since. Lots of issues I guess. Does Cisco have a basic router anymore not cloud base for under 500? I was using the RV134W loved that router!

Thanks in advance, Craig

Kind of a big deal

There is a specific community for Meraki GO.


Take a look at the installation guide: