Set up new system


Set up new system

I need fast reliable system for my small 12 room hotel. My plan is to get Meraki Go Aps in every other room and Meraki GO PoE Switch, the question is do I need the router Firewall ? It sounds like it will slow the system down and there are a lot of complants to that effect. Second, when will the PoE switches be available? 

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@MiriamGo wrote on another topic:


"Hello all - many apologies for the inconvenience, but yes we have indeed sold out of all GS110 network switches.


Due to supply chain constraints, we can’t yet share an accurate timeline for replacements. Rest assured, we know the Meraki Go platform is incomplete without switches and are working hard to resolve the issue as soon as possible.


Stay tuned for more news on Meraki Go switches - we'll be sure to share more when we're able. 

Miriam Kung
Meraki Go Product Marketing"
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