Security Gateway showing NO IP Address?

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Security Gateway showing NO IP Address?

My Security gateway has been up and running for a couple of hours now, I have DHCP configured and specified the IP of the Security Gateway.   However on the main page when I select Hardware then choose the Gateway it shows me the Mac address but the IP address says none.   I keep waiting for it to possibly populate but it hasn't.  Everything seems to be working fine I just dont understand why its not showing me the IP?   

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I have the same problem.  The router (gx20) is connected to my Spectrum Cable modem

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I’m having exactly the same issue. When I connect to the ( status is good and shows the Internet address from my ISP. However the Meraki GO app shows ‘none’ for both the LAN and public IP.


outside of this quirky display issue, everything works fine.

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I´ve seen the same on new GO units. Units get IP but app is not reflecting this information without re-login.


I have the same issue, I tried logging out and into the app but it still doesnt display the LAN IP address.


I don't see any answers to this thread yet.  I am seeing the same issue on our GX20 and am getting the "Has never connected to the Meraki cloud" error.  This unit is up and working just fine, but I find it odd that it does not show the static IP address on the hardware summary page for the device.  I was also able to successfully run the test for connecting to the meraki cloud and keep getting the error pop up.   Any help would be appreciated.

This is going to sound crazy. Log out of the app and log back in.  The status should show correct


Thanks!  That did it.  I had closed and reopened the app several times, but missed that it wasn't logging out when I did that.  




I can't recall if the logout of the app, and going back in fixed this problem.


I actually changed product to a firewalla gold and that has more features for the price and has been running for over 18 months without issue.

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I wanted to post to explain some of this behavior and what steps users may take in the future when running into this problem.


First, all Meraki hardware is designed to work out-of-band. This means that if the app is showing things as offline, it might just be the connection between the hardware and the Cisco Meraki cloud. In these states, the hardware will continue operating per the last configuration it received from the app.


Second, if these issues persist past logging out and back in, it definitely merits a support case. We expect this information to be readily available, or at least available by using the pull to refresh - pulling down on many screens should prompt a data refresh.