Optimum Static IP Issue


Optimum Static IP Issue

I have purchased several GX50 Router Firewall Plus. 


My ISP is Optimum and I have a Static IP with them.


The router is not getting the Static IP from the ISP. It is getting a Dynamic IP number instead.


Optimum is saying I need firmware version 15.44 in order for the Static IP to work.


Does this sound right?


How do you enter the WAN Static IP into the GX50? I think I have it done right but the Router has an Alerting error.


Thanks for any help.

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You will need to use the local interface.


Using a device connected local network connect to the MX50 from the 192.x.x.x address. You will need the Serial Number of the device to log in, from there you can configure the MX WAN interface with your static IP.

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hello @Bob5 


You have two options to apply a static IP to the GX50.


The Loacal Status Page as mentioned. Plug in your computer directly to the GX50 and enter "my.meraki.com", you'll find the settings under "Configure"


You can also change it within the Meraki Go-app. Go to Hardware -> select the GX50 -> open Settings -> you'll find IP configuration at the bottom of the list


IP Configuration.png


Change the type from DHCP to Static IP. Fill in the information given to you by your ISP for IP address, Subnet Mask and Gateway and enter the Primary and Secondary DNS too. VLAN has to be left empty! Save the information and you're done.


Hope this helps.

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