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Noob question about multiple customers

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Noob question about multiple customers

It's possible this question has been asked multiple times but the search function does not yield the answers I'm looking for.

So we have alot of regular Meraki customers and we co-manage them all through our MSP portal.

However we also have alot of small customers who are a bit cheap and have with Aruba switching at this time.


Since Meraki go does not have a required subscription license anymore I see an opportunity to upgrade some of these customers to a more managed solution 🙂

My questions are about the management of these devices:
- Can you have multiple accounts managing the same network?

- If not can you easily switch accounts on the app to manage another network?  So you basically setup an account both we and the customer has the credentials for.


And another one about the security appliance and switches:

- The datasheet says the switches have multiple VLANs possible, but what about the security appliance can you create several VLANs on the inside?

And final one:
- What are the main restrictions on these GO devices if you compare those to the regular Meraki solutions?

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Re: Noob question about multiple customers

I believe you need to wait until Jan 2020 to get your questions answered...


If you haven´t yet seen this please check the partners section. Document is quite old as you can see but anyway that is all we´ve got. I would like to have a GO vs rest of the market document.


Re: Noob question about multiple customers

I am in a similar position and feel the GO is not a good fit for a MSP model or consultant who has ongoing management of their clients. Based on the App setup, these are designed to be deployed by the end user or a consultant using the end users phone? The management of these devices walks away with the phone, how does a consultant support this client? The phone is on vacation with its owner, now what?!!


I know, set it up on your own phone, if you have the credentials... but now you need to keep logging in and out of multiple clients on your phone. Don't mean to bash this product but I think this App approach and no MSP portal is a showstopper. Everything moving forward should have the ability to be managed from a webpage and have the option to connect to a MSP portal.