Mounting GR10 to drop-ceiling T-Rail

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Mounting GR10 to drop-ceiling T-Rail

I need to mount several GR10-HW-US AP's to a drop-ceiling but they didn't appear to come with the "T" mounting device described in the GR-55 instructions.  Can these be used on the GR10 and if so, can they be purchased?


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Suspended installation on a “drop-ceiling T-Rail” is not described in the installation guide and no brackets are provided. As described in the guide, it can be mounted on a vertical surface, but the GR10 mounting part is just a screw. In other words, if you forcefully use the accessories to install the AP hanging, the AP may fall. Even if you use a 3rd party product or your own work, you need to be careful not to drop it. (Its installation is an unsupported method, so drop damage is at your own risk)

Meraki Go GR10 Installation Guide - Cisco Meraki



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Look for the Cisco Meraki MA-MNT-CLG-1     T-rail mount kit, 1st using the mounting plate for the AP mark the t-rail with a marker using two holes on the plate,  then you twist this against the t-rails after loosing the allen screws with the middle hole lining up with the marks made, then tighten them down and attached to the mounting plate for the AP with the supplied screws. Use them all the time, so far have not seen any manufacture do this as well, simple, secure and fast. 



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I like Tomaszjr's solution but haven't found it for less than $20.  Blasphemy, I knowww, but the Ubiquiti U-PRO-MP stainless mounting bracket comes with said "t-bar scissors" for $8.50.  I haven't found a lower-cost solution to get the GR-12 on a drop ceiling PROPERLY. Recycle the bracket, use it as a template for junction boxes, or save it for a rainy day.