Mix of GR-10 and GR-12s

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Mix of GR-10 and GR-12s

I am looking at installing a mix of GR-10s and GR-12s access points for a church campus running a couple different wireless SSIDs. Basically one SSID for staff, one for guest, and one for AV/sound team. Is there any problems running them in MESH mode going between a GR-10 and a GR-12? I have never used these before and I am trying to find something easy for the staff to manage from a smart device. The main reason I was going to use the GR-10s was just to save them some money in the areas that would not have people up to 100 people. I wanted to run the GR-12s in the Sanctuary where you have more people gathered together. Also they do run some of their AV/sound on the wireless so I will run a separate SSID for them. Looking for any suggestions or opinions please.



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How did this work out?


any thru put penalties?


were your gr-10’s and gr-12’s all wired?



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