Meraki and GX20-HW PPPoE - configuration for CHAP authentication


Meraki and GX20-HW PPPoE - configuration for CHAP authentication

I have GX20 which doesn't seem to work with PPPoE. I am trying to fault-find this for a colleague. My network normally runs on Cisco ASA hardware - I have a known good PPPoE connection. I have entered the username and password but the GX20 refuses to work. The only result from Google is a comment that GX20 is great provided that you are NOT using PPPoE. The GX20 'Uplink Configuration doesn't have any option to choose between pap and chap which is where I suspect the problem lies - anybody know otherwise?

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New here

This is currently what I am trying:


Username :
Password : bt
Connection : PPPoE


I get exactly the same problem as you however if I use my Google nest router, everything works absolutely fine


I can see my OTN Modem keep disconnecting and reconnecting the port so I would imagine as you say the Meraki is using the wrong username and password authentication


I have added this to my ticket I have with Meraki


currently to get this working, I have to have my Google nest Wi-Fi router in Bridge mode connected to my Meraki router then I have access point connected to that…..


I do not like the fact I require three bits of hardware to get my network online whereas if I remove Meraki, I only need one.

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