Meraki account disappeared

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Meraki account disappeared

I set up the Meraki Go devices upon creating the online account.


I turned the kit off for about a month now trying to use it again I can’t sign in and no password reset email received (email/password was stored digitally and not changed).


I have been able to create another Meraki account with the same details but I’ve not received the verify email address this time.


How do I get back logged in and without losing device config? 

And how has this happened? 

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hello @BP_A1 


If you created an account before and did add the Meraki Go-device to that account, you can't use it with another account.


Please contact Meraki Go support for assistance:



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Xydocq that’s not what I’m trying to do.


I looked to see if the account could be created again as part of getting troubleshooting info.

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