Meraki Go Moving Forward


Meraki Go Moving Forward

As a Meraki Enterprise user, I am very interested in converting my personal network to Meraki GO. I am concerned about the lack of switch availability. I was thinking of utilizing a GX50 and a GS110-24 with a few AP's. Is it worth deploying a firewall not knowing if the switches are going to be available?

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Good question. I manage Meraki Enterprise but also have Meraki Go at home. The situation with lack of switches is alarming and so is lack of transparency on the situation from Meraki. I decided not to use a GX as they seem expensive and fairly limited in ability compared to other options.
The wireless APs work well so my advise would be use those and 3rd party switches and potentially a 3rd party firewall.
That’s what I do as rarely need to make switch or firewall changes so use use the Meraki app to manage wireless. 

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