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Meraki Go so close but not yet

Here to help

Meraki Go so close but not yet

I wanted to take a moment to give some feedback on the Meraki Go product from a small business mindset. Most small business owners are not tech people at heart. They are people who had a dream or giving a service or providing a product so they went forth and started a business. I believe I understand the goal of Meraki Go which is to provide something easy to setup, cost friendly, yet leverage the name and success of the Meraki brand.


This vision is sounds great, but right now it levels a few gaps that doesn't play well for best practices and helping the unknowing business owner. 


1. Guided VLAN support. 

This gap is caused due to the limitations with VLANs still within in the product. As pointed out in my make a wish post the owner wouldn't know about setting up a PCI compliant network until after they have an issue or fail an adit. Guest wifi should always be on its own VLAN (IMO), and VOIP should have its own VLAN with QOS assigned to it. 


2. Guest Wifi enhancement

To tag along with my comment above, the lack of assigning a VLAN to the guest network doesn't sit well with me or follow any best practice that I have been a part of.


3. VPN support

The gap here is there is no built in VPN support either client or site to site. This for me is huge as consumer grade routers have the ability to support this feature but it is missing from this platform. 


One more thing

True phone support even if it's paid for should be an option for a business owner. In a real crunch having someone waiting days vs minutes or hours for support doesn't fit well for the small business owner. I've did install for all types of business sizes, and I can say the loudest customer base were the ultra small and the very large. 


I am not saying the platform is bad or even that I won't revisit this later on, but at the current time (for me) this product needs a little more time to bake.